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"I brought Amy out here because we’re about to introduce Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, our next two presenters and it’s a big deal to introduce them. So because of that, we wanted to make sure we gave them the best possible introduction so we wrote a bunch of them and if you don’t mind, we’re just going to read through them now."

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sometimes i forget how ugly i am so when i accidentally open the front camera on my phone i have an actual heart attack

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The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Red Carpet (August 25, 2014)

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Helga’s thirst was so fucking real.

I love how helga’s fantasy wasn’t just “get arnold” it was “Be wildly succesful and have immense amounts of power and oh also be married to arnold”

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Dead dorks

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DW scenes that made me a little less emotionally stable: 
Clara helps Doctor make the cracker go bang,
because his hand isn't strong enough any more.
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The movie is about…as he struggles to find an identity in the modern world, his old life is slipping away - is hanging on by a thread. Peggy doesn’t remember him… and she’ll be dead soon. She’s the last remnant of his past. And Sam happens to find his way into his life, so now he’s slowly meeting a new friend, he’s gaining a trust with Widow…so the movie is about a journey for him as he finds new elements in the modern world to emotionally attach himself to. The cruel twist is that, the Winter Soldier shows up…and it’s like the past punching him in the face.” — Joe Russo [x]
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Why would you want to save the galaxy?
Because I’m one of the idiots who lives in it!

Why would you want to save the galaxy?

Because I’m one of the idiots who lives in it!

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Arrested Development!

Favourite Female: Lucille Bluth

Favourite Male: Buster Bluth

3 Other Favourite Characters: GOB Bluth, Tobias Funke, Maeby Funke

3 OTPs: I don’t really ship anyone on this show.GOB and Tony were pretty great though.

Notp: Kitty x George Sr. mostly because Lucille and George are too crazy not to be together.

Funniest character: A tie between GOB and Buster

Prettiest character: Lindsay

Most Annoying Character: Annyong! (“Will someone please tell this insufferable child to…!”)

Most badass character: Lucille

Character I’d like as my BFF: Buster (I wouldn’t be able to trust anyone else)

Female Character I’d Marry: Lucile 2 seems fun

Male Character I’d Marry: Steve Holt (he seemed to have his life together)

Character I hate/dislike/least like: Ann Veal. Mostly because she just blended into the background. Never really noticed Bland Egg Plant Annabell Ann. Why did they keep her on? Was she funny or something?

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